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In the battle for Front-Of-Wallet, success means finding the right balance of security and cardholder convenience. Have you found that balance?

eCommerce is growing at an unprecedented pace, with over a billion mobile customers driving demand. Right alongside that is growth in eCommerce Fraud and increasing pressure from Alternative Payments. You must take control of this growth and manage these threats, while providing a frictionless customer experience.

and growing
will account for
of all online
in 2017
CNP fraud
loss in 2014
Expected to Double
by 2018

It all depends on whether you’ve implemented a modern, frictionless 3D Secure program to address the proliferation of Card Not Present (CNP) fraud.

For financial institutions that want to increase revenue and reduce fraud for payments, there’s only one place to start - the customer.

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Fraud Friction


Increased interaction with call center
Loss of confidence


Potential fraud liability
Loss of consumer confidence
Loss of customers


High fraud loss
High investigation costs
Loss of confidence in payment type


Transaction abandonment
Use of another card
Bad brand experience


No sale
Unsupported payment type
Decreased revenue


Lost interchange
Future revenue loss
Not front of wallet
Decreased payment market share

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How do you achieve this balance of security and convenience? First you need to understand the challenges.

Click For Balance
Customer Acceptance
Low confidence in
secure online shopping
Checkout friction and
high abandonment
Low card brand
Hard to maintain Front-of-Wallet
Fraud Prevention
Very sophisticated fraud
Fraud migrating from other channels
More mobile transactions w/ higher abandonment rates
Adoption of Chip & Pin
in 2015
Operational Costs
Investigations with complex & changing shift patterns
High customer complaints and attrition
High case load for CSRs
Lower interchange revenue

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With all these challenges, can you really have both a highly secure and frictionless, "zero-touch" shopping experience for customers - while supporting all card schemes?

With a dynamic and personalized 3D Secure solution, you can. Here’s how...

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Introduce password to secure online shopping
Implement simple rules to better identify cardholders
Add analytics to improve customer experience and reduce fraud
Use 3D Secure dialogue to engage cardholders at checkout
Path To Zero-Touch Authentication


Today's leading 3D Secure solutions provide the ideal combination of performance and flexibility - being easy to deploy and highly configurable. Where are you on the path to front-of-wallet success?

Take a look at the following assessment to determine whether your current authentication approach is helping you lead or holding you back.

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